IT Direct Placement Services

It is a well known fact that all the organizations need quality resources to excel and to find the quality and dedicated resources is a very tedious process. Nowadays, people with CVs are abundant in every technical area and the burden of choosing the best fit, falls on the company.

Job portals, referral programs, social networking sites, advertisement, and so on came in order to eliminate the burden of IT companies in finding the best fit for their firm. But, this process will take a lot of time and you can rarely depend on it when you already have a project in hand.

Providence runs a very successful staff augmentation practice with a large network of analyst, developers, project managers and IT executives.  We take our network very seriously, it’s the foundation of successful staffing practice.  With that, we know the individuals that are also looking for direct placement.  Let us understand your needs, and we can find the individual that is a strong fit for your organization (technically and socially) who is also interested in directly joining your organization.