Contract-to-Hire Solutions

Providence Technology Group’s contract-to-hire option gives both the employer and the employee the ability to test the waters prior to making a long-term commitment. Our clients benefit by having the opportunity to see how a candidate works in their company environment during the contracted period, without the expense or liability of hiring the employee directly.  Providence Technology Group candidates benefit by getting to know the nature of the position and the company’s culture before committing to a permanent position.

  • Technology – As Providence Technology Group is an application development firm, we can understand the problems that are faced by the typical IT consultancies. We have insider knowledge of the field and understand the difference between a good IT employee and a great one. We also have knowledge of what employers are looking for in terms of hiring an IT professional and we are able to match our clients with skilled employees that will be a good fit for the employer as well.
  • Flexibility – The Providence Technology Group contract-to-hire option allows organizations to hire our resources even before the contract is over.  It also allows clients to extend the contract period to few more months in case you require more time.
  • No hidden charges – Providence Technology Group ensures that all parties understand any fees associated with a Contract-to-hire option before projects begin.

Providence Technology Group recruits, retains, and places top IT professionals for contract-to-hire positions throughout California.