Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence | Dashboards | Reporting Services | Data Warehousing | Database Design & Development

Providence Technology Group Business Intelligence services are designed to provide the strategic advantages organizations need to support their efforts to convert their accumulated data into consistent, actionable information that can get the necessary information and drive competitive advantage.

Providence Technology Group helps each client make the most of their valuable data resources through effective use of the right technology, backed by a clear vision and strong executive sponsorship. This refined approach allows specific functional areas such as finance, supply chain and human resources to uniformly interact with each other in response to organizational issues and opportunities. Providence Technology Group analytics solutions allow you to extract real value from your data repositories and make better business decisions with more accurate historical, current and predictive views of enterprise-wide data.

If you need a database system, Providence Technology Group makes sure that they take a thorough review of your business before implementing and creating the database.  Our Database Architects understand that everything is built on the database – a good design makes it easier to accomplish your goals now and into the future.  A good design will protect your data from errors, minimize the cost through efficient design, be  consistently available, increase the productivity of your staff and allow for more cost-effective programming over time.

Working with your key Subject Matter Experts, Providence Technology Group can also build custom dashboards specifically tailored to your organization’s needs that will help you easily understand what is going on.  Whether you need to see specific key metrics, or want a new way to view your operation, Providence Technology Group can assist you in reaching the target.

Providence Technology Group database and analytics experts understand what it takes to create meaningful reports.  Our staff are adept at pulling together data from disparate sources to create those much needed reports and information.